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Revitalize Milwaukee
700 W. Virginia Street, Suite 306
Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Revitalize Milwaukee is an organization in which skilled contractors repair homes for low-income homeowners who are elderly, veterans and/or have a disability and are unable to repair or afford the work themselves. Our concerns are safety, security, and independence of the homeowner. If your home is chosen as a project site, all repairs will be completed free of charge. Revitalize Milwaukee’s Project and Construction Manager selects projects based on need and available resources. Not all requested projects are approved.

Revitalize Milwaukee's Guidelines:

  • Homeowner of a single family home or owner-occupied duplex home in Milwaukee or Waukesha County. (No apartments, rental property, rental units or mobile homes)

  • Homeowner must have resided and owned home for at least 5 years.

  • Homeowner must be current on property taxes or property tax installment payment plan.

  • Homeowner’s property must not be held in trust or a life estate property.

  • Homeowner should be 60 years of age or older and low-income OR a person living with a disability and low- income OR a low-income veteran.

Revitalize Milwaukee's Feature Homeowner Story

Joe & Willie Mae, 1937

Joe & Willie Mae, 1937

A Marriage Built for a Lifetime...

Recently, Revitalize Milwaukee had the privilege of meeting two very special homeowners with a very extraordinary life story. Joe and Willie Mae have been married for 72 years and are both currently 96 years of age. Joe grew up in Arkansas and Willie Mae grew up in Tennessee. Willie Mae met Joe while visiting friends in Arkansas, when they were both 15 years of age, as they walked and talked together at a county fair. According to Willie Mae, it was love at first sight. They dated briefly before marrying in 1937. 

A few years into their marriage, the US began its involvement in World War II. Joe was drafted and deployed oversees. During this time, Joe’s family moved to Milwaukee and Willie Mae soon followed. Joe was honorably discharged from the Army in 1946 and he returned to Willie Mae in Milwaukee, where they have lived ever since.

Joe was employed by Patrick Cudahy for 29 years before retiring in 1987. Willie Mae also worked outside the home, cleaning laundry at the Wisconsin Hotel. Joe and Willie Mae purchased their first home in 1954 and still reside there today. According to Willie Mae reminisces about the past 57 years, explaining that the neighborhood isn’t like it used to be. She added that many of the young people in the neighborhood affectionately call her grandma and she tries to be very active in her community.

As they became older, both Joe and Willie Mae experienced increasing difficulty walking. Willie Mae had purchased a mobility walker, but struggled with entering and exiting their home. While they had done their best to maintain their home, age, along with a limited budget, had presented a daily struggle to do so. Revitalize Milwaukee met with the couple and, alongside an occupational therapist, assessed Joe and Willie Mae’s accessibility and safety needs. 

Joe and Willie Mae’s project was generously sponsored by the local company, Honeywell, and a large volunteer team was created within the business’s workforce. Through the guidance of Revitalize Milwaukee staff and volunteer contractors, a list of projects was determined and building materials were purchased. All repairs were completed at no cost to the homeowners.

Joe & Willie Mae's Bathroom, Before Photo

Joe & Willie Mae's Bathroom, Before Photo

Joe & Willie Mae's Bathroom, After Photo

Joe & Willie Mae's Bathroom, After Photo

Joe and Willie Mae are able to remain in their home with the assistance of a caretaker. Joe and Willie Mae have lived in their home for 57 years and are determined mainstays in a struggling neighborhood. Keeping these long-term committed residents in their homes is crucial to the strength and health of the neighborhood and surrounding community.   


"This was my first time dealing with any kind of project, so I am thankful for all that has been done for me. I can only say, “Thanks” to the group that was at my home. The Revitalize Milwaukee volunteers were polite, able, kind, caring and concerned from top to bottom. Thanks a million!"   - Annette F.


"The new bathroom has giving me the ability to enjoy relaxing baths and be able to shower. I have never had a shower. The washer and dryer gives great pride to be able to do for myself. The doors give me air and security. The front steps make it feel safe to leave the house. Best communication on what is happening and what and when things will get done. Thank you for everything!"   - Dolly and Kim K.


As a single disabled parent with a special needs son I have long struggled with government “red tape.” With Revitalize Milwaukee there was none. All this was simply given to us. Absolutely amazing! I have never met so many excellent folks in such a short time in my life. The word “volunteer” has taken on a new and truer meaning for me. The people from LBWN, Revitalize Milwaukee's staff, the crew from P&H and other companies, plus those who gave in kind….WOW! I really can’t say enough. Not only was our home renewed, you renewed our spirits too. Brandon has told friends, family, therapists, and school about the people who ‘fixed” his house and how much “better” it is. This kind experience is a milestone in his life. For me, our home is safer, more functional, just plain nicer and I can breathe easier and actually relax a little, appreciate and enjoy our home and be proud again. Keep going and growing. Get the word out. Try to increase media coverage and recognition. I’m out of words – THANK YOU!"    - Larry and Brandon J.


To speak with an Revitalize Milwaukee representative, please contact:

Revitalize Milwaukee
700 W. Virginia Street, Suite 306  |   Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 312-7531