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Block by Block 6/23/2017

Block by Block Newsletter

Block Build MKE - Clarke Square a Huge Success

Lynnea Katz-Petted, CEO

Lynnea Katz-Petted, CEO

On behalf of Revitalize Milwaukee I would like to thank everyone who participated in and sponsored the 2017 Block Build MKE at Clarke Square. We are humbled by the generosity of all the volunteers, sponsors, partners and contractors who helped make this Block Build a huge success. Without your help, we would not be where we are today. The relationship we have built with the homeowners of Milwaukee is everlasting. The Block Builds are a critical component of the work Revitalize Milwaukee does and we will continue to make them a vital part of our work.

We have four other Block Builds in the works for the rest of 2017 and need your help. Our next Block Build will be in association with the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center and Lincoln Avenue School. This event will be held at South 18th Street between Lincoln and Hayes Ave on July 14-15. Other Block Builds will include the Near West Side Block Build on September 8-9, Havenwoods Safety Block Build on September 22-23, and Revitalize Milwaukee’s very first Shevitalize Block Build on October 6-7. If you are interested in sponsoring any or all of these projects, I encourage you to contact myself or Lynn at 414-312-7531.

Our mission is to revitalize meighborhoods and improve quality of life for low-income homeowners who are seniors, veterans and people with disabilities by keeping them safe in their homes. Our goal for 2017 is to revitalize a total of 340 homes in the Greater Milwaukee area. We are fully prepared to make 2017 our best year yet. The Block Build at Clarke Square has heightened our excitement and we fully intend to keep moving forward and hope you will help us in our efforts and make 2017 our best year yet.

We have introduce our new monthly giving program, Be a Home Hero. We need your help. Pledging to be a monthly donor may not seem heroic – but it is. You can make a difference today and on it ongoing basis. You can be a hero. Join us on our journey to make a better world. To become a Home Hero, [click here.][1]