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Block by Block 6/23/2017

Block by Block Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight - J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc. and Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA)

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At this year’s 2017 Block Build MKE- Clarke Square, volunteers and contractors were able to accomplish what seemed impossible to the homeowners involved. Construction company, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. and architect firm EUA teamed up to help build two large scale ramps for residents currently living in the Clarke Square Neighborhood.

Both Findorff and EUA were House Sponsors at this year’s 2017 Block Build MKE – Clarke Square. Findorff was built on character and integrity and works to give back in the community through community service and charitable projects in Wisconsin. EUA works with clients and partners to create environments that elevate people’s potential.

Findorff and EUA worked together to create some of the biggest repairs and updates to two homes and changed the lives of those who live there. The ramps built were designed by EUA architects and Findorff lead the construction of the two ramps. The two homeowners directly affected by this partnership were Dennis and Guadalupe.

Struggling with COPD, Dennis was unable to leave his house before Revitalize Milwaukee intervened. He rarely made it more than 10 seconds without having to catch his breath due to physical exhaustion. With the dedication of the local volunteers from Findorff and EUA, Revitalize Milwaukee was able to provide Dennis with a full scale ramp, to exit his house with ease on his own. Last week, for the first time, Dennis was able to make it to the grocery store and back on his scooter to grab a newspaper that hadn’t been delivered. He is now very excited that he can exit his house and enjoy the neighborhood like he used to.

Guadalupe has struggled with severe dementia for the past few years, and is too weak to leave her house alone. The stairs at the front of her home are too steep for her to exit, even with help from others. The ramp at the back of the house was completed by Findorff during the 2017 Block Build, and has provided Guadalupe and her caretakers the ability to take her to doctor's appointments and family events throughout the year. Guadalupe is now able to exit her house and enjoy time with her family again.

Findorff and EUA changed lives at the 2017 Block Build at Clarke Square. Everyone can sleep a little easier now. The homeowners are safer and are ecstatic about their new renovations and their families are excited as well. Without the help of Revitalize Milwaukee, and the amazing team of Findorff and Eppstein Uhen Architects, these homeowners would still be trapped inside of their homes.