Revitalize Milwaukee

Clarke Square



On the weekend of May 20-21, Block Build MKE-Clarke Square united a diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life to rehabilitate and revitalize 19 homes on one block. It took place on South 17th Street between west Mineral Street and west Scott Street.

Every project was unique. Each work site came with different history, varying homeowner needs and its own scope of work. Once deployed, volunteers completed everything from yard cleanup and painting, to skilled plumbing, windows, electrical systems and flooring repairs. Teams of outstanding volunteers were engaged in this turnkey event that had a direct and lasting impact on these homeowners, adding to the safety and quality of their lives.

Think of a smaller scale home makeover, where over 450 volunteers converge on 19 home sites in the Clarke Square neighborhood to make dreams of safety in their homes a reality for at-risk homeowners. Additional homes benefitted from new landscaping and other beautification projects. Approximately 200,000 dollars was invested in the Clarke Square neighborhood during the Block Build as a result of numerous partnerships and volunteer contributions.

Homeowners were engaged and friendly to all volunteers at this momentous occasion, like Dora, a current homeowner. What these amazing volunteers accomplished was incredibly life-changing for her. Dora’s home was brought back to life by several renovations inside and outside of the house to ensure her safety. Throughout the entire day, Dora was present and interactive with volunteers. Despite the recurring rain, Dora felt the desire to express her gratification as much as possible. “I can’t wait for people to see what Revitalize Milwaukee has done to this home,” she said.

Block Build MKE positively impacted 19 homes in just one weekend and was an event to remember for volunteers, deserving homeowners and our community at large.


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