Revitalize Milwaukee

Comprehensive Services


Revitalize Milwaukee partners with diverse organizations and businesses that share the same goal of keeping vulnerable homeowners in a safe environment where they can age with dignity. With these collaborative partnerships, we provide homeowners with the tools they need to ensure their continuous contributions to the neighborhoods in which they live.

Nobody who contacts the Revitalize Milwaukee team is ever simply turned away, even if they don't qualify for our program. Through our thorough knowledge of other available resources and the relationships we've built with those agencies, we are able to make referrals based on each individual's circumstances. We don't just give them a general number to call - we give them the name and contact information of a trusted person within the organization and often make the calls ourselves to advocate on their behalf.

In doing so, we are able to layer services and ensure that we are helping to meet all needs, including those that are outside of the realm of what we do ourselves.