Revitalize Milwaukee


Be a Home Hero

We often face a difficult decision whether or not to support a cause, especially when our own problems seem so daunting. So we tell ourselves that we can’t make a dent so why bother?

But you are stronger than that. You can make a difference. You can be a hero.

Still wondering if you can commit? Our monthly donor contribution to Revitalize Milwaukee starts at $15—the cost of 4 cups of coffee. If you’re fortunate enough to donate more consider one of other amounts of $25, $50, $75, or even $100.

Whatever the amount, join us on our journey to make a better world right here in your own community.

Pledging to be a monthly donor may not seem heroic—but it is. Ask the people we serve how their lives have truly been changed for the better. Do not forget that we can all be a hero to someone—it is within us all.

Become the much needed hero to seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

THE DEFENDER -- Plumbing is an essential need of every homeowner, for $100/month, your donation will provide basic plumbing repairs.

THE GUARDIAN -- For just $75/month, your donation will purchase supplies such as doors or locks to establish safety within a home.

THE PROTECTOR -- Your donation of $50/Month provides grab bars to increase accessibility throughout home.

THE CHAMPION -- A donation of $25/month will provide a smoke/C02 detector being installed in the home.

THE CRUSADER -- A $15/month donation provides for an home visit and assessment of the client’s home creating the foundation for the work being done at a house.