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Priscilla lives is a small single family house in the Columbia Park neighborhood. Between working her third shift job, Priscilla takes care of her granddaughter after gaining custody of her to save her from an unsafe family environment. Recently as Priscilla was getting ready for work, she went to take a bath and the bathtub when it began to spark. The bathtub was sparking due to a plumbing leak making its way down to the electrical box in her basement. She couldn’t afford a plumber and electrician and family and friends were unsure of how to fix the problem. She was frightened that her or her granddaughter could be electrocuted. Priscilla and her granddaughter were unable to use the bathroom for over three weeks when she was referred to Revitalize Milwaukee. Priscilla became very emotional during Revitalize Milwaukee’s home visit to her home because she began to believe that someone was actually going to help her. Revitalize Milwaukee helped bring some much-needed peace to Priscilla’s world by fixing her home’s plumbing and electrical issues as well as repairing the tile in her bathroom so Priscilla and her granddaughter could once again use the bathroom.



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Judy is in her sixties and lives alone in West Allis in a single family home. She was having problems with the sewer backing up in her home. Judy tried snaking her drain many times on her own with no success. Judy needed help but suffers from severe anxiety. For Judy, asking for help put her in an extremely vulnerable state. Due to her severe anxiety, she felt that if she asked for help she might lose her home. Judy’s social worker, Rachel, helped put Judy in contact with Revitalize Milwaukee. Judy was still extremely worried and anxious and Revitalize Milwaukee was only able to communicate with Judy through her social worker. Revitalize Milwaukee was able to enter Judy’s home and fix the sewer backup. After fixing these issues, Judy was more accepting of help and allowed Revitalize Milwaukee to come back and perform more needed repairs to her home. Revitalize was able to secure the handrails in her home, install an ADA height toilet and reinstall loose installation in the attic. Revitalize Milwaukee brought peace of mind to Judy by fixing her home and reassuring her that these issues would not cause her to lose her home.



Terrace is a 35 year old veteran and the father of three. Terrace, his wife, Taylor and their three children live on $1,324 a month in a single family home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The family had been having problems for some time with their hot water heater. Terrace tried repairing it himself, but he heard a sizzling noise. He discovered that this tub and toilet were leaking into an electrical outlet in the basement. He couldn’t afford to hire a professional plumber and was unsure of how to fix the problem himself. He knew he needed to find a solution fast in order to keep his children safe. Terrace contacted the local Veteran’s Administration and they referred him to Revitalize Milwaukee. Revitalize Milwaukee was able to help him with this emergency situation and installed a new hot water heater and repaired the plumbing leak in his house. As a veteran, Terrace was able to find help with Revitalize Milwaukee and keep his home safe for his young children.



Judi is a widow and has lived in Menomonee Falls in her childhood home for over 61 years and currently lives there with her disabled daughter who is 21 years old. Judi is in a wheelchair but can take a few steps on her own. She does not leave her house often—however, this isn’t by choice. Judi had a ramp for her home, but is scared to use it because it is extremely steep. Revitalize Milwaukee tried to improve the ramp that already existed by installing hand railings. To ensure that Judi would be able to leave her house safely, Revitalize Milwaukee added a ramp with railings from her front door to the sidewalk. Revitalize Milwaukee helped improve what Judi had, but took the extra step to ensure that Judi could leave her home safely by installing a second ramp.



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Mildred and her husband raised their family is their single family, two-story home in the Midtown neighborhood where Mildred has now lived for over 37 years. Her husband passed in 1997 and since then Mildred has lived alone on $890 per month. Her home has become more and more difficult for her to maintain at the age of 82. Mildred’s son, Jarvis stepped in and was trying his best to maintain the home but he also had his own home to care for. A deteriorating porch made it difficult for Mildred to leave her house easily. The city’s building inspector cited her home with multiple and extensive violations. Mildred’s son called Revitalize Milwaukee for help. Just after applying, the front porch collapsed virtually trapping her in her home. Revitalize Milwaukee instantly went to work to help Mildred with her home’s problems. Revitalize Milwaukee rebuilt her entire porch and worked with the building Inspector to stop the fines and apply for an extension of time to enable Revitalize Milwaukee to make the repairs. Revitalize Milwaukee did extensive repairs to her home including – building a new front porch, railings, cleaning gutters, fixing outside electrical and replacing missing window screens and much more. Revitalize was able to help Mildred fix a significant portion of the violations. Revitalize Milwaukee helped make her home safe and enabled Mildred to once again enjoy the outside by herself.