Revitalize Milwaukee

Community Impact

Positively Impacting our Community since 2000

Revitalize Milwaukee (RM) has been dedicated to keeping low income homeowners safe and secure for over 17 years in the Milwaukee area. RM is the largest provider of services addressing housing needs of low-income homeowners in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are the only local provider of these services for free.

  • RM fills the gap in housing resources by providing life-changing repairs and accessibility modifications to our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

  • Starting in 2000, RM served just 4 homes on a single-day event. Through our abilities, drive and proven expertise, we have grown to a year-round program, working on 350 homes annually.

  • Since our inception, we have assisted over 4,000 families, revitalizing over 110 neighborhoods with an investment of over $14.5 million into the community.

  • We are proudly dedicated to collaborations and relationships. We have created an integrated network of community resources to ensure the families we serve have access to comprehensive services beyond home revitalization.

Current Funding

  • RM operates on an annual budget of just over $1.5 million

  • Each dollar received is leveraged approximately 4:1

  • 99% of funding comes from private sources (grants, corporations, individuals)

  • Current government funding is limited to .09% of budget

  • RM is not a United Way funded agency

What makes us unique and different?

  • We are the largest provider of free home repairs in Southeastern Wisconsin, completing 2841 repairs at 320 individual homes in 2017.

  • RM services the entire City of Milwaukee – not just a specific neighborhood.

  • We provide economic stability by keeping long term, EXISTING homeowners in their homes which helps to stabilize neighborhoods and the tax base paid to the City.

  • We are the only provider of free occupational therapy assessments by certified Occupational Therapists.

  • We are nationally recognized by the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) for our work developing an in-home assessment tool. RM’s is one of 3 recommended tools on the national site.

  • We employ 15-17 local, City of Milwaukee licensed minority (African American and Hispanic) contractors on a daily basis, providing sustainable wages.

  • We provide workforce development by mentoring contractors in business skills and acumen. Each contractor completes an average of 30 repairs a month. All contractors are licensed and insured.

  • RM is the only provider of FREE emergency water heater repairs. 26 Water heaters were replaced in 2017.

  • We ensure partnerships and coordination with other local service providers are comprehensive. We intentionally look for additional services our homeowners will qualify for and make direct referrals with coordinated follow up to make sure services were provided.

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