Revitalize Milwaukee
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Revitalize Milwaukee Programs


Revitalize Milwaukee completes essential repairs necessary to enable homeowners to remain in their homes.  These repairs are critical preventing deferred maintenance and larger issues down the road.  Examples include:  carpentry, door and lock repair, porch repair, updating electrical items and minor plumbing repairs..


Block Build MKE is a weekend build event bringing together partners, corporations and volunteers to work on a block of homes in a neighborhood.  Volunteers donate their skills and sweat equity to complete numerous repairs, accessibility updates and overall cleanup.  Materials, supplies and professional services are donated to ensure that homeowners are left with a safe and healthy environment.


We all find ourselves with plumbing problems, furnace issues or even electrical problems. Our clients have these challenges coupled with complications of being low-income elderly, veterans and/or people with disabilities.  Our emergency repair is the only FREE repair service and is designed to help our most vulnerable homeowners.


To meet the goal of creating a safe environment for elderly and disabled homeowners,Revitalize Milwaukee installs specialty products, modifies appliances and other basic household fixtures that frequently present a challenge to operate for homeowners who have physical limitations.  Items commonly installed or constructed are ramps, door levers, walk in showers, handrails and grab bars.


Revitalize Milwaukee partners with diverse organization and businesses that share the same goal to keep vulnerable homeowners in a  safe environment where they can age with dignity.  As collaborating agencies, we provide homeowners with the tools they need to ensure their continuous contributions to the neighborhoods where they live.


Revitalize Milwaukee rehabilitates foreclosed and donated homes for revitalization.  We are able to transition Real Estate (REOs) property into safe and affordable homes, provide job creation and sustainable wages for local contractors, add to the city's tax base, and return revenue to Revitalize Milwaukee's operating funds which allows us to provide FREE home repairs.