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SHEVITALIZE - Riverworks

Our program Block Build is a two-day build that brings together hundreds of volunteers, corporate sponsors and skilled professionals who provide their sweat equity to make critical repairs and accessibility modifications and to complete basic maintenance and beautification tasks. By targeting a specific area, our Block Build program builds upon our mission of revitalizing an entire block and, in turn, the greater community.

In 2017, Revitalize Milwaukee introduced a new women’s build we call the Shevitalize Block Build. It is a women-helping-women event that occured on October 6-7, 2017 in the Riverworks neighborhood. The Shevitalize Block Build was a unique partnership of female community leaders along with companies focused on women as executives, who came together to fundraise, sponsor and revitalize a block of homes.

The Shevitalize Block Build empowers women while assisting families in need. The Riverworks neighborhood was chosen for the Shevitalize Block Build because there is a large demographic of homes headed by woman and the neighborhood leadership is primarily woman. The homes targeted for our first Shevitalize Block Build were located on 3rd and 4th Streets between West Capitol Place and West Abert Place in the Harambee neighborhood.

The targeted area’s residents include an aging population of homeowners, a high percentage of residents who live below the poverty line and more than half of the households surveyed are headed by women accompanied by several children in each most homes.

The Shevitalize Block Build consisted of a total of nine homes benefitted by full home repairs. Full home repairs could include: skilled plumbing, windows, doors, electrical systems to critical repairs, accessibility modifications and basic maintenance tasks. Each of the full home repairs was accompanied by beautification projects. Homes that received beautification projects ranged from general clean-up to landscaping to exterior painting.

The goal of the Shevitalize Block Build was to repair critical and emergency repairs to allow families to remain safe in their homes, to keep family units intact by allowing owner occupants to age in place and remain in their home. By stabilizing a vulnerable neighborhood we were able to preserve affordable housing in the Harambee Neighborhood.

For Infomation on how to sponsor SHEVITALIZE[ CLICK HERE][1]. Or view-and-Sponsor-information-2017-kapc.pdf