Revitalize Milwaukee



Spectrum Housing  Assist

Spectrum is committed to improving communities and impacting lives of their customers and employees where they live, work, and play. Through their signature program, Spectrum Housing Assist, the goal is to make 25,000 homes safer and healthier by the year 2020. Spectrum Housing Assist was implemented nationally in 2017, across the company’s 41-state service area. The goal of the program is to help people maintain safe and healthy homes. Since its inception, the program has helped improve more than 8,500 homes.

In Milwaukee, Spectrum parterned with Revitalize Milwaukee. Spectrum Housing Assist was Revitalize Milwaukee's first project of Revitalize Milwaukee's Block Build MKE program in 2017.

Volunteers from Spectrum transformed the home of an elderly veteran named Johnnie who lives in Old North Milwaukee neighborhood offering him the relief, support, and assistance he needs to be able to stay in him home.

Johnnie has lived in his home for 43 years. Johnnie’s wife passed of cancer about 6 years ago, but Johnnie keeps her spirit alive by keeping pictures and other mementos of her around. Luckily, Johnnie has an extremely close family. His children come over whenever they can to spend time with him. Some of his children even moved back to Milwaukee from other states to be closer to him.

Johnnie enjoys sports and is a diehard Packers and Bucks’ fan. Johnnie also participates in a community organization, Running Rebels, founded by his step-son. Running Rebels helps at-risk youths learn valuable skills through team sports such as basketball. Johnnie serves as an “elder” for the organization, providing his wisdom for the bettering of the community.

Johnnie was selected as the homeowner for the Spectrum Housing Assist and receivede repairs to his porch. Johnnie had an ADA toilet installed, and grab bars by the toilet and in the shower. His shower received a nice make over with a new faucet and shower head. Johnnie also received 3 carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The handrails in his house were secured, and the bottom three steps of his staircase were repaired to ensure his safety as he moves about his home.