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How can you connect with your community?

If you are interested in sharing your time, talents and/or resources to help improve the living conditions of low-income homeowners in our community, please volunteer. Help your fellow community members, and, as many of our volunteers will attest, you’ll receive much more in return. We’ll contact you once we receive your information to determine the best way for you to be involved. Thank you in advance for making the work of Revitalize Milwaukee possible.


If you’ve found this page, you are probably well aware of the rewards of volunteerism. Helping your community never felt so good!

  • Skilled Volunteers

    • Our biggest need is skilled volunteers. If you are someone who has any previous experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry, welding, landscaping, or any other technical work, we would love to work with you! Volunteering with Revitalize Milwaukee means sharing those talents with a neighbor who would otherwise never be able to afford it. Our team will set you up with a project suited to your skill set and schedule, and provide you with the necessary materials. We do our best to ensure you have the best, most rewarding experience possible. The process is simple- we will work with YOU!

  • Corporate Crew Days

    • These project days are the perfect team building tool, and we guarantee that everyone will leave feeling a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment after a day of sharing sweat and laughter. Giving back* Making a difference in the community Projects also develop project management skills, provide an opportunity for leadership development, and enhance corporate identity.

    • What we need from you? Designate a crew leader to be the main point of contact, ideally someone who has availability to assist us in recruiting additional volunteers from your organization as well as coordinate project day details.


  • OT Volunteers

    • We at Revitalize Milwaukee have always valued our OTs. We recognize the difference a perfectly placed grab bar can make in a home, and your help makes all the difference in a homeowner’s world. Whether you are a student looking to gain field experience or a professional OT looking to give back, Revitalize Milwaukee will give you everything you need to grow your existing skills. Contact us to learn more!

  • Internships

We welcome applications from both high school and college students looking for field experiences in the following:

  • Communications, Social Media, and Marketing

  • Non-profit Management

  • Construction/Technical Work

  • Photography/Videography

Please note that these are just suggestions, and placements we have found useful in the past. If there is something you’re hoping to pursue that isn’t on this list, we’d love to hear from you!


Click below to volunteer with Revitalize Milwaukee! For additional volunteer information, contact Revitalize Milwaukee at (414) 312-7531.

If volunteering with us is something you're interested in, download the Volunteer Application by right-clicking and saving to your computer. You can then either complete it electronically and email to, or mail to our office:                                                                                                                        

Revitalize Milwaukee Volunteer Coordinator

700 W. Virginia Street, Suite 306                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Milwaukee, WI 53204                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



On the third Saturday of May, Block Build unites a diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life to rehabilitate homes and revitalize Milwaukee communities. Historically, this event was known as 'Rebuilding Day,' and featured homes throughout Milwaukee. This year, over 30 homes will be impacted on a single block. The homes are pre-selected and pre-assigned to generous corporations, volunteer teams and licensed contractors. Revitalize Milwaukee plans and oversees each work site, and the volunteer teams complete each home all in one day.

Block Build MKE - Before

Block Build MKE - Before

Block Build MKE - Construction

Block Build MKE - Construction

Block Build MKE - After

Block Build MKE - After