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WE ARE Revitalize milwaukee

Great communities are revitalized one home and one deserving homeowner at a time. This is accomplished through the efforts of visionary community leaders, caring and generous companies, and dedicated volunteers and nonprofit organizations like Revitalize Milwaukee (formerly RTGM).

Revitalize Milwaukee (formerly RTGM) supports much-needed affordable housing and helps homeowners and neighborhoods regain a sense of community pride.

We do this by coordinating the volunteers, skilled labor, tools and supplies it takes to renovate, revitalize and renew homes and neighborhoods across the Greater Milwaukee area.

We address the problems of affordable housing for low-income homeowners by revitalizing and preserving their homes. Through the repairs provided by our volunteers, we:

  • Repair low-income, owner-occupied housing, enabling older adults, individuals living with disabilities, and veterans to remain in their homes for years to come.

  • Address critical safety issues – falls are a leading cause of injury among older adults.

  • Stabilize living conditions, allowing our homeowners accessibility and independence.

  • Lower household energy bills by weatherizing homes and replacing old appliances with newer, energy efficient models.
Great volunteers lending a hand on Rebuilding Day!

Great volunteers lending a hand on Rebuilding Day!

Each tax-deductible donation allows Revitalize Milwaukee (formerly RTGM) to purchase basic supplies to complete our homeowner’s projects. Whether a project is an emergency repair, accessibility modification, Block Build MKE or one of our many projects all year round, donors are able to experience a full range of involvement. On behalf of the clients we serve and those waiting to be served; thank you for your investment consideration.


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