Tip of the Week-Beat the Heat

This week we want to help homeowners stay cool!

For homeowners with air-conditioners we suggest to change the filter in the unit. Dirty filters clogged with dust and allergens can challenge the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, and obstruct the passage of cool airflow throughout the home. Clogged and dirty filters can also lower the overall air quality in your home potentially causing flair ups in allergy symptoms.

As another reminder, we suggest that during the summer, homeowners should be checking for drafts throughout the home. Starting with the weather strips around windows and doors, find out where the cool air is escaping, and the hot air is seeping in. This should also help with the efficiency of any air-conditioning unit.

Lastly, we want to offer instructions on how to keep your energy bill down during summer months. When the weather heats up we suggest during the day to keep blinds drawn and curtains closed, this will keep the sun from pouring in and heating up the interior of the home. When it comes to temperature control, we also suggest keeping the thermostat at a higher temperature when no one is home as well as not setting the thermostat too low to speed up the cooling process. This will only make the air conditioner work harder without necessarily cooling the home any faster. Try to avoid this as it will also increase your energy bill.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer sun!

Amy Sorenson