Giving A Home A New Life

We are excited to share our Ruby House Rehabilitation Project!
In only 30 days we transformed this previously foreclosed property into a safe and healthy environment, minimizing blight in the community. This home was an eyesore to neighbors—the roof was severely damaged, the porch was sagging in the middle, and the home was riddled with lead and littered with garbage. Over the last 30 days, our construction manager and various partners installed a new roof, new floors, a complete new kitchen and bathroom, as well as new plumbing, electrical, a water heater and a furnace. This home rehabilitation project was an opportunity to pay it forward and actualize our mission to preserve affordable housing and revitalize vulnerable neighborhoods in the greater Milwaukee area. Through our construction manager’s hard work and dedication to our mission, this house will become a home for a low-income family inspiring a surge of home-ownership on the block. Creating home-ownership is vital to community building. Home-ownership builds stable communities in terms of both security and overall wellness.
This project would not be possible without our various partners. Our construction manager would like to personally thank the following partners for helping her complete this project: Pushing Forward Improvements, Community Roofing & Restoration, Powerhouse Plumbing, Pieper Electrical, Total Residential-Electrical, Weatherization Services LLC, WE Energies, Eagle Eye General Contracting, and Bliffert Lumber. Along with the various partners from the City of Milwaukee including: Mary, Mark, Mario, Brandon, Mike, Pam, Jon and Mike. Thank you all for collaborating and assisting us in the completion of this project. Because of partners like you this house will become a home and leave a real impact on the community for generations to come.

Amy Sorenson