Gracie Gets Lifesaving Repairs

Gracie has lived in her Clarke Square home for 38 years. She has a strong connection to the neighborhood because this is where she raised her five children. The community also holds many fond memories of her husband, whom she lost in 2001. She currently lives with one of her daughters and four of her grandchildren.

The home’s two bathrooms were in serious disrepair, both having substantial holes in the shower walls. During a routine home visit, it was discovered that there were electrical wires sticking through one of the shower walls. RM staff put out an urgent call to Renee, a volunteer master electrician, who rushed over, determined the wires were live and immediately made the necessary repairs.

Gracie was understandably horrified, but also extremely grateful that this was discovered and repaired before a member of her family was seriously hurt or even killed. She wonders if the outcome would have been different if RM hadn’t stepped in when they had but is thankful that she doesn’t have to find out.

Homeowner Gracie
Amy Sorenson