Helping Sandra Feel Safe and Secure

Sandra is one of our homeowners who has lived in the Havenwoods neighborhood for nearly 15 years. When she purchased her home, she was filled with excitement and joy. As time passed, however, problems started to arise.

A few years back, Sandra was forced to leave her job at Walmart due to problematic health issues and physical limitations. Matters only got worse in 2016 when an intruder broke down her front door and shattered the sense of security she felt in her home.

The looming possibility of intruders was not the only risk to Sandra's safety at home. Her front and back stoops weren't level and were missing handrails, making the simple act of entering and leaving her home a serious hazard. Even using the bathroom was a dangerous task, as she experienced great difficulty getting on and off the toilet.

As part of Revitalize Milwaukee's mini Block Build in the Havenwoods neighborhood, Sandra received help with several accessibility modifications inside and outside of her home. The old stoops were replaced and handrails were installed. Security doors were put on both the front and back entrances to her home. A taller ADA height toilet and grab bars were installed. These repairs eased Sandra's access in and around her home, minimizing the risk of falls, while preventing access to would-be intruders.

"You all came in just at the right time. You stopped my crying." - Sandra

Sandra is much happier now that she feels safe and secure in her home again.

Amy Sorenson