Miss Rose's New Water Heater

This past Friday Morning our organization received a phone call from a concerned family member about flooding in his aunt’s basement. Andre, the nephew of our homeowner Miss Rose Jones, called our organization in desperation to replace his aunt’s water heater, which was flooding the basement and preventing the home from having any hot water. This was especially problematic due to the age of the home and Ms. Jones herself. At 81, Ms. Jones has lived in Milwaukee her entire life and has resided in her home for over 40 years.

Within the hour of the call our Construction Manager went to Ms. Jones’ home to evaluate the situation and found out the water heater needed a lot more attention than just a repair. The water heater was split at the base and spewing out water in the basement. Our Construction manager attempted to turn off the cold water shut off valve in order to minimize the leak but due to the poor condition of the pipes and water heater it had broken off, this then became an Emergency Repair.

Luckily, however, due to the quick thinking of our team and partners, we were able to complete the Emergency Repair within 24 hours of the initial call. Together we replaced the water heater, shut off valve and pipes to prevent future corrosion. We also set the new water heater up on bricks to keep it off the damp basement floor as another preventative measure.

A huge thank you to our generous partner Jake Edelstein from Crown Hardware & Plumbing Supply and their crew-member Jim for performing the repair so efficiently. Our repairs and services would not be possible without partners like Crown Plumbing and their continued support.

Miss Jones and her family were very appreciative for the work and services we provided. As were we to help such a loving and upbeat family.

Amy Sorenson